Newest Volunteer!

Also thanks to Marjory Ruderman the project’s newest volunteer/barber who is currently trimming the extraneous hairs off of 3 flags!

Liberia in action

Leslie Channel making the Liberian flag

Leslie Marie Channel bangin’ out a whole lot a Liberia in 3 hours last night.

She was excited to work on that flag in part because of the Liberian children she works with through her position with Americorps, but here is where I admit that she’s been getting to know the project by correcting my goof of making 4 flags with the wrong fabric! (Liberia included)

Thanks Leslie! and thanks for joining us all for dinner

Newest sponsor!

Dr. Bernard Narakobi

A lovely new sponsorship has just been made for the flag of Papua New Guinea by friends Lise Dobrin and Ira Bashkow in memory of their dear friend Dr. Bernard Narokobi. Lise and Ira became close to Dr. Narokobi while pursuing their fieldwork in his country. I look forward to them posting more about his life and work here in the coming weeks.

Thank you Lise and Ira for deepening the richness of this project!

Me and the flags at the Charlottesville Pavillion

Me and the flags at the Charlottesville Pavillion

I got to be a part of the Virginia Discovery Museums annual Discoveroo show this past weekend. I always love talking to passers by about the project.

New Sponsors!

Much thanks to our two newest flag sponsors! Dan Feigert/Elizabeth Carpenter and Barbara Strauss! Thank you guys for all your support, now and always. Have fun choosing your flags!

more time to see the flags!

a corner of the installation at Congregation Beth Israel

You can still see all 31 flags installed at Congregation Beth Israel! By popular demand they will remain installed for at least the next two weeks. They can be seen during regular business hours at 301 East Jefferson St. in Charlottesville.

Lady of Liberty!

Whitney the Lady of Liberty!

She truly is for liberating me of 3 hours of ironing! 36 linear feet of fabric (probably good for at least 8 to 10 flags. This is Whitney, dear friend and an insanely talented architect/designer/artist/author/singer/songwriter/basically everything she touches turns to gold sort of person!

I’ve realized my website needs a page of people who donate their time as well as money.

Thanks again Whitney!

progress and support

Tajikistan, Slovenia, and Venezuela are done! Total flags 31. 161 to go. yikes!

After much effort planting seeds for the project out in the world, it’s now time to focus on production. My 12 a month quota is now being re-framed as 3 flags per week. that should enable me to tackle one easy, one medium, and one difficult one each week.

Got an iron? Want to be a part of making White Flags grow? I just pulled 12 yards of rumply fabric out of the dryer. Would probably take an hour for someone to iron it out in front of their favorite TV show… any takers?

Also a reminder about flag sponsorship. For $250 you can choose a flag for completion AND have your name permanently associated with the project!

If you want to support with a smaller donation (every dollar helps!) you can donate a dollar (or more) at this link. I am trying to raise money for my next of six bolts of fabric ($750 each).

showing the flags this coming weekend April 24th – 25th

Alan Rimm-Kaufman

If you’re in Charlottesville and would like to see the flags this weekend, I will be showing them at Congregation Beth Israel at 301 E. Jefferson St. I’m planning to hang them in outdoors in the courtyard during the daytime both Saturday and Sunday. The forecast is for thunderstorms, so in case of rain they will be in O’mansky hall on the second floor. Hope you’ll stop by.

This weekend’s showing at the synagogue is in memory of Alan Rimm-Kaufman, who passed away last year at age 41 from Leukemia. Alan was an amazing and inspiring individual. Because of the affection he expressed for the flags when he first saw them years ago, his wife Sara and I thought flying them in his honor would be a fitting way to remember him.