This commission for an embroidered mural in a private Miami residence was created with a close collaboration with FORMWORK Architecture of Charlottesville, Virginia. The goal was to create a singular piece to complement the main space of this 40th story condominium with 180 degree views of beach, sea, and sky. The ethereal white space, surrounded by nature, beckoned for an equally ethereal piece – one that would reveal itself slowly over hours, weeks and even years.

Geometric shapes both monumental and minute form an imaginary constellation – a universe evoking both outer space and under sea. These muted white figures dance across the wall, intermittently overlapping to reveal detailed forms in pastel colors. The piece is subtle throughout the day as the ton-sur-ton white stitching shifts quietly with the light. As the sun sets, the piece explodes with a rich kinetic chiaroscuro animated by the viewer’s motion, allowing the piece to become the focus of the room.


64’ x 6.5’
Machine and Hand Embroidery on Sunbrella Acrylic Fabric
Studio Fabricated / Installed In Situ Over Whisper Wall Track System