My work is based on an idea I call, “visceral perspective.” Visceral perspective is the nexus that connects one’s physical point of view and one’s ideological point of view.  I believe the way one physically experiences the world directly affects how one interprets the world.  The work I create bridges the gap between body and mind to whisper subtly to the soul.

I consider my primary medium to be everyday signifiers and their commonly associated meanings. These signifiers may be symbols, materials, forms, or even production methods. Informed by my training as an architect, I seek to manipulate the physicality of these signifiers such that our active experience of them – within physical space – dislodges the rigid associations we may initially bring to them. Breaking these preconceived conceptual bonds allows new associations and relationships to become available to the viewer, and even more so, inevitable.

In response to the dramatically shifting national political climate after 2016, my newest textile works, entitled, Worry Flags, bring to bear elements from my entire oeuvre. From my socially active White Flags project to my more recent formal explorations of digital embroidery, Worry Flags are a subtle yet critical examination of our current national social fabric.


To inquire about commissioning custom projects or works, as well as the availability and pricing of existing pieces not currently listed under the on-line shop, please contact the artist directly.

Above: The artist installing his 'White Flags' at the Dead Sea, Israel.