Originally trained as both sculptor and architect, I found my way to fabric and thread as a method of healing in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. After a decade stitching my monumental ‘White Flags’ project – 193 national flags rendered entirely in white – I proceeded with the rigor and precision of a scientist, developing and refining a unique method of creating form by manipulating light over differently hatched angles of embroidered thread.

The techniques I developed enable me to draw, collage, paint, and even sculpt three-dimensional architectural experiences activated by a viewer’s motion.

In response to the dramatically shifting national political climate, my latest textile works, entitled, Worry Flags, bring to bear elements from my entire oeuvre. From my socially active White Flags project to my more recent formal explorations of digital embroidery, Worry Flags are a subtle yet critical examination of our current national social fabric.


To inquire about commissioning custom projects or works, as well as the availability and pricing of existing pieces not currently listed under the on-line shop, please contact the artist directly.

Above: The artist installing his 'White Flags' at the Dead Sea, Israel.